Canada’s Mining Industry

Canada’s Mining Industry, a country of 34 million people is actually the second largest mining producer in the world. After being closely followed by Mexico for most of the last decade, Canadian mining production has been leap welding its way into the limelight. This industry is truly global,With 1.2 billion people, Canada is the world’s largest mining nation. The Canadian Government has a target to increase mining production to 8 billion dollars in the near future partly due to the rise in Canadian mining sector.

So what are the exciting opportunities for career advancement in a Mining industry context?

The Canadian mining companies are required to advise and assist the government in MiningLicences and the development of the various mining projects. They not only have to tend to the employees, but they also have to look after the management of the companies and its work. The Canadian mining companies have to deal with the administrative as well as the financial requirements. They even have to look after the security of the employees and the visitors to the area.

The companies are required to inform the relevant authorities and they have to assist in the construction of the roads needed. The security roadways have to be provided and maintained by the companies. These requirements make the jobs of the mining engineers and the project managers very interesting especially if you are choosing this as your career.

Career advancementA rising industry brings more opportunities for people. The mining companies in Canada are recruiting more and more mining engineers and managers. The aim of the mining company is to make sure that the company has a reliable, profitable and secure mining operations.

More varietyIn the mining industry, there is an increased need for different skill sets and the employees are required to have a different approach to their work. You may have a hand in project design; an expertise in geology or a degree in civil engineering. All this will help you jump start your career and the interest can continue. The Mining industry is looking for sincere people who will stay the course for the long term.

More opportunities will be brought forward by the National Mining Act of 1983. Many mining operations are looking for people who have a technical background. Those who have knowledge of metallurgy, extraction, processing and transportation of precious metals.

Some companies may even ask for an MBA qualification. You can expect higher pay rates and the opportunity to work in more challenging environments. You will be able to apply for a company job if you have related experience and skills to a particular project. Having skills related to project management will also help you get the mining job of your dreams.

No matter what your area of interest is, you will need to apply for a position in the mining industry. The mining companies are constantly looking for brilliant candidates who have the competence and the attitude to get jobs in the mining industry. No matter whether you have an MBA qualification, or just an ordinary engineering degree, you can be a part of the endless success story of the mining industry.